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Marvel’s avengers game review : Marvel Avengers, is one of the most controversial games of 2020, beloved by gamers worldwide, it has faced nothing short of hostility from the Reddit hivemind and clickbait Youtubers.

Does Marvel Avengers, deserve the hate it receives? Or is once again the hivemind in the wrong?

Why is Marvel Avengers, so Controversial?

Marvel Avengers, has managed to find itself the center of multiple controversies of varying importance, today we will break down the controversies and decide if they have any real significance or impact on the game’s chance of success.

Exclusive Skins/Emotes (non-Issue).

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Gamers who subscribe to Virgin Media (Uk) or Verizon (US) are granted access to a set of cosmetic skins, these rather unattractive skins are exclusive and will not (thankfully) becoming to gamers who do not use their services.

As you can imagine, the hivemind has gone to war over this great injustice, but as usual, they are making mountains out of molehills.

I can imagine very few people would want to wear these monstrosities when so many better and far cooler options are available as part of the base game.

Intel is rumored to get skins of its own later this year, but unless they are far better than the strawberries and cream set Virgin media is offering, it’s safe to file this as a non-issue.

Hero Challenges/Battle Passes (Non-Issue).

Marvel Avengers, offers the best “battle/challenge passes” concept on the market, perfect for no lifers and busy adults alike.

Each “challenge pass” is limited to a single character and offers no time restrictions on completion, allowing gamers with limited time the opportunity to enjoy every reward the pass has to offer.

I personally love the battle pass concept, but as an adult in full-time employment, with family commitments, I cannot handle more than a single battle pass if I wish to get the full value from it (unlock all rewards).

I often look longingly at Divison 2, Call of Duty Warzone, and Destiny 2, wish I had time to complete their passes, but I know there I no way with my schedule I could unlock enough rewards to make it worthwhile during the limited time each pass is active.

Marvel Avengers, will allow me, and others like me to purchase a battle pass and complete the pass at our own pleasure, in a way that fits with our busy lives.

In addition, the base game comes with six free heroes, giving you more than enough currency to ensure you never need to pay real money for future battle passes.

And with all future battle passes granting 1000 once completed, they will pay for themselves.

Why did this anger the hivemind so much?

As always, they do not look at things logically and fly off the handle without knowing all the facts, another non-issue.

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Spiderman Exclusivity (Legitimate Issue).

Marvel Avengers, is a full, complete, and enjoyable game without Spiderman, and Sony has every legal right to keep him exclusive to the Playstation, but that doesn’t mean that he should be kept a Playsation exclusive perpetually.

Spider-man is a beloved character in the MCU, and for a lot of people, his exclusivity would be enough to ensure they purchase Marvel Avengers, on the Playstation 4/5.

I own an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and while I am not the biggest Spiderman fan, I opted for purchasing on the PS4/PS5 partially due to this exclusivity, turning down a free hero/pass doesn’t make any sense.

Yet not everyone is in the position to play Marvel Avengers, on the Playstation 4, my friend has access to only an Xbox One, and she is a far bigger Spiderman fan than I am.

I feel a fair compromise would be a 3-6 months exclusivity for Spiderman; this would incentivize PlayStation purchases without withholding an important character of the Marvel Universe from the wider player base.

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Will Marvel Avengers, Succeed?

Marvel Avengers, has already begun to set records, during its beta weekends alone, more than 6 million played for a combined 27 million hours, making it the most downloaded beta in Playstation history.

Despite a caustic and hostile press, a rabid hivemind and the prevalence of hating everything that is remotely popular in 2020, Marvel Avengers, is looking set to become one of the most popular superhero games in history.

However there is one issue that could hamper its longterm success, and that is the lack of cross-platform multiplayer, while Marvel Avengers will offer cross-generational play (Ps4> Ps5 and Xbox One X > Xbox Series X), players on different platforms will not be able to party up to take down AIM, when asked about crossplay Crystal Dynamics didn’t offer much in the way of hope.

It’s something they may look into in the future, but their core focus is cross-generational play at this point and for the foreseeable future crossplay isn’t a priority.

Marvel Avengers, will do very well regardless, presuming the developers don’t do something incredibly stupid to anger the core player base.

With multiple future heroes and events already announced, it certainly will be an exciting year for fans of Marvel Avengers.

What makes Marvel Avengers, Worth Playing?

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Marvel Avengers, is the whole package, a sweeping fun single-player campaign and a meaty multiplayer title make it one of the more impressive superhero titles on the market, while many games have excelled at one or the other, for a title to do both so well is refreshing.

The single-player campaign follows Kamala Khan, who is best described as every Marvel fan, she is nerdy, quirky, adorable and overall as awestruck to be working with her heroes, as anyone her age would be.

She writes rather poor fan fiction, obsesses over little details of her heroes lives, and generally is a dork, and that is what makes Kamala Khan, one of the most relatable characters in Marvel Avengers, she doesn’t just act like us, she is us.

Kamala Khan, brings a much-needed dose of humour and levity to what could be a rather depressing situation, I will not go into details why things are so bad, you can discover that for yourself.

The main story takes roughly 12 hours to complete, but if you are a completionist and like doing sidequests, it is closer to 30 hours.

Luckily the fun doesn’t end with the campaign; Marvel Avengers brings a lot to the table in the form of the Avengers initiative.

“The Avengers Initiative is at the heart of our expanding world, where you can jump into online co-op. Here you can continue to hone your team while playing through an interconnected series of stories, missions, and personal hero arcs. The Avengers Initiative will evolve over time with the free addition of new heroes, villains, regions, and gear, for years to come.”

Square Enix has the industry credibility and clout to pull this off, and I am very excited to see what they have planned.

With Hawkeye(Clint Barton), Hawkeye(Kate Bishop), Black Panther, and She-Hulk teased to be coming over the next 3-6 months, we have a lot to look forward to, and I feel The Avengers Initiative will be well received by the MCU fans and action RPG gamers alike.

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Hulk SMASH! 

Marvel Avengers, offers a wide selection of heroes and that is a good thing, as frankly not every hero is for everyone, as much as I like the big fella, playing as the Hulk was some of the most mind-numbing combat I have ever experienced.

With the exception of boss battles, I could not wait to finish controlling him and swap to someone who did more than smash everything.

I could happily play as Black Widow, Thor or Kamala Kahn for hours, the combat felt and looked amazing, it was like being part of the MCU, but after 15-20 minutes of Hulk, I was ready to cancel my preorder (thankfully I didn’t!).

That is not to say the combat while playing as the Hulk is bad, its actually decently authentic Hulk-like combat, the problem stems from the fact Hulk, doesn’t do much except smash things while wearing ridiculously tight pants.

At least with Black Widow, you have the option to shoot, kick, punch, and stab things while wearing ridiculously tight pants.

The characters all look fantastic considering we are at the end of a console generation, I can’t wait to see how impressive Marvel Avengers will look when its full potential is unleashed by next-generation hardware.

Is Marvel Avengers, Worth Buying?

Marvel Avengers, is a must-buy for any fan of the MCU, in addition, the fast-action packed gameplay and looter mechanics make it very attractive to fans of ARPG.

While it’s unlikely to steal game of the year away from the like of Cyberpunk 2077, Ghosts of Tsushima, or Last of Us 2, it’s certainly one of the most impressive titles of 2020.




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