Superhot: Mind Control Delete – Game Review

smcd1 - Superhot: Mind Control Delete - Game Review

This beefy expansion is perhaps best described as more of the same, but different — if that makes sense. Anyone familiar with the original will be instantly at home with Superhot: Mind Control Delete. Its innovative puzzle-meets-shooter play mechanics remain fully intact, and once again make for some spectacular action sequences you simply won’t find in other games — like, say, throwing a slot machine handle at someone’s head, grabbing the katana they were holding in mid-air as it falls to the ground, and then dodging a hail of bullets from another nearby enemy before slicing them in half. It may take minutes to plan out and execute in game time, but it takes only seconds for it to play out in real-time replays. Players who enjoyed these mechanics in the original get a heaping second serving here. There’s really nothing else like it.

But while much is the same, there are some noticeable changes, and they’re bound to leave players split. The addition of a heart supply — meaning you’re no longer killed by a single bullet — is an inarguable improvement. It’s allowed the developers to create more complex and challenging scenarios with a tiny bit of wiggle room for the player to make the occasional small mistake. And the hacks you can use to cheat the system make players feel more super-powered as they plow through waves of enemies. But if you run out of hearts (and you will, frequently), you’ll be forced to start nodes all over again, which can be very disheartening — especially if you fail multiple times in a row. Enemies and weapons are procedurally generated this time out, which helps keep you on your toes when restarting a node, but it doesn’t completely cancel out the frustration. Superhot: Mind Control Delete is smart, innovative, and often dazzling to watch, but it seems designed to cater to Superhot’s most ardent, hard-core fans rather than bring in a new batch of players.


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