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Realpolitiks II

Strategy March 2021

The second part of a series of strategy games, in which we are at the head of the chosen country and lead it to global domination. In Realpolitik II it is only up to us to decide whether we will put our trust in the rule of the hard hand and warfare, or whether we respect the principles of democracy and free market law.

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Empire of Sin

Strategy 01 December 2020

Paradox Interactive’s strategy to lead a mafia organization in Chicago in the age of Prohibition. In Empire of Sin, a player must both manage the economic side of criminal activity and command gangsters in turn-based tactical battles. The production is developed by the Romero Games studio, headed by the famous John Romero.

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Age of Empires IV

Strategy TBA

The fourth full-fledged installment in the famous series of real-time strategy games. The saga is considered as one of the most important in the history of the genre. Contrary to previous games in the series, which were developed by the now defunct Ensemble Studios, Age of Empires IV was developed by Relic Entertainment, a studio that created series like Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. The mechanics of Age of Empires IV are faithful to its predecessors. The player takes control of one of several civilizations (including European, Asian and Arab nations) and leads it through subsequent phases of evolution. During the game, the player is gathering resources, constructing new buildings and creating powerful armies. In addition to single player mode, the title features an advanced multiplayer mode that enables the player to face other commanders from across the world.

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Door Kickers 2: Task Force North

Strategy 2022

A continuation of the 2014 tactical strategy game developed by Killhouse Games, which recreates the routines of SWAT anti-terrorist units. The action of Door Kickers 2: Task Force North takes the players to the Middle East, where the player-controlled squad, comprising representatives of many special forces, follows the trace of a dangerous terrorist organization. One observes the action from a top-down perspective and experiences all the events in real time with the option to utilize the active pause system. Like the first installment, the game has been divided into two parts – equally important to carrying out a mission is proper preparation, which includes selecting units with adequate skills and dispatching them properly across the map. The creators introduced many improvements and novelties that make the whole experience even more realistic. Among these, one can find new pieces of gear, the option to operate under the cover of night, jumping through windows, and the new mechanics allowing one to group his units.

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Manor Lords

Strategy 2022

Manor Lords is a Polish strategy game in the medieval realities, in which we deal with building cities as well as directing troops and fighting battles. The independent developer Slavic Magic is responsible for the game.

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Stronghold: Warlords

Strategy January 2021

Another full-fledged installment of Stronghold, a popular strategy game series developed by FireFly since 2001. As always, the game takes us to medieval times, and allows us to assume the role of a lord with a small castle and a poor village at his command. Our job is to grow the area to become a powerful domain. Stronghold Next doesn’t differ much from the previous installments of the series – we are occupied with expanding the village and the titular stronghold, as well as engaging in wars with other lords. However, Stronghold Next contains a number of new elements that have enhanced the gameplay. The game mainly focuses on economic (village management) and military aspects (battles that employ various siege techniques). The players can also design and expand their fortress using a wide range of ready-made elements.

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Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Strategy 31 December 2020

A strategy game created by the Black Sea Games team and released by THQ Nordic. In Knights of Honor II: Sovereign we lead the chosen kingdom towards domination over all medieval Europe. The title allows you to play alone or in a multiplayer game.

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Strategy April 2021

A turn-based 4X strategy from the Amplitude studio, inspired by the Sid Meier’s Civilization series. In Humankind, the player creates his own civilization, selecting elements from many historical cultures, and then must lead it through the centuries, from ancient times to modern times.

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The Settlers

Strategy TBA

The eighth entry in the series of economic strategy games, in which the players assume control of the titular settlers. The Settlers combines solutions from previous entries in the series with completely new gameplay mechanics.

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Strategy February 2021

Economic strategy reminiscent of cult titles like Pharaoh or Zeus: Master of Olympus. In Nebuchadnezzar, we take control of the civilization that inhabits the ancient Mesopotamia, and our task is to take care of all aspects of its functioning. The pillar of this production is a feature campaign covering the period from the time when the first people settled on the Euphrates and the Tigers until the conquest of Babylon by Persia in the 6th century BC.

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Cartel Tycoon

Strategy March 2021

Cartel Tycoon is an economic strategy with the goal of building the drug empire. The player’s tasks include looking after the crops, fighting against competing organizations and avoiding law enforcement.

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War Mongrels

Strategy 2021

The game of Polish Destructive Creations studio, creators of Ancestors Legacy strategy and isometric shooter Hatred. The game shows World War II through the eyes of soldiers from the eastern front.

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King’s Bounty II

Strategy March 2021

The second installment of the classic turn-based strategy game with RPG elements, inspired by the cult Heroes of Might & Magic series. During the campaign, players take on the role of three heroes who will decide the fate of the kingdom of Nostria, shaken by internal conflicts and the threat of a mysterious plague.

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Phantom Brigade

Strategy 2022

A turn-based strategy game set in a science fiction universe, and a debut project from Tetragon Works. Phantom Brigade throws you into a country that gets attacked and overrun by another nation. You play as a leader of the resistance, trying to reclaim his homeland from the invaders’ hands. Most of the in-game time is spent on giving orders to a small squads of mechs, performing all sorts of missions. Phantom Brigade’s campaign is very dynamic. On the world’s map you can select which targets or territories to attack next, while taking under consideration the fact that resources that you gain or lose have direct impact on how the entire conflict enfolds. Each mech under your command can be upgraded and customized, thus increasing its combat effectiveness. However, even the most powerful mech is useless without a pilot, therefore, a key to success is protecting your men from taking damage, while forcing enemy pilots to leave their machines.

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Democracy 4

Strategy 2021

Democracy 4 is an elaborate strategy in which we take control of a fictitious democratic state. The game offers a complex simulation of social and economic processes and reflects contemporary problems, such as fax news and manipulations using social networking sites.

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Strategy 2021

City builder strategy game in which we take control of the dwarves. DwarfHeim was developed primarily for multiplayer mode, and dividing players into classes forces them to work closely together and choose complementary specialties.

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Builders of Egypt

Strategy March 2021

Debut economic strategy of Strategy Labs. Builders of Egypt takes place in ancient Egypt and was inspired by the cult Pharaoh released in 1999 for the PC.

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Surviving the Aftermath

Strategy March 2021

A science fiction economic strategy, which is a continuation of Surviving Mars from 2018. The action of the title takes place after the apocalyptic catastrophe destroying our civilization, and the task of the players is to build a colony of people who survived this global catastrophe.

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Strategy 2021

An economic strategy game resembling the Anno series. The production is set in the Middle Ages and your task is to build a powerful, prosperous city.

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Ancient Cities

Strategy 2021

A real-time strategy game enriched with elements of RPGs, city builders, and survival games. Ancient Cities was developed by the independent developer Uncasual Games. The player assumes the role of a tribal leader living in the Neolithic era. The tasks of the player are to provide shelter and protection against predators for the members of the tribe, as well as to obtain sufficient amounts of food. Gathering resources (the whole in-game economy is based on them) resembles a survival game, as flora and fauna are simulated within a dynamic ecosystem. Consequently, wild plants and animals are soon not enough to sustain a constantly growing tribe. In harsh periods, the player has to distribute supplies wisely – for instance, foods naturally degrade over time. Things can also get complicated as a result of sudden climatic changes and natural disasters – one oftentimes has to decide whether to stay in one’s settlement and try to survive a difficult period, or to abandon the base in search for a safer zone. Alongside progression, the player unlocks new upgrades in the extensive technology tree, which allows for improvements to one’s methods of crafting and cultivation, making the tribe’s existence easier in the long run. Members of the tribe are described by individual sets of statistics, talents and skills. These mechanics are complemented by having more or less friendly relations with other tribes.

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The Universim

Strategy 31 December 2020

An unusual real-time strategy game developed by Crytivo Games. We control a small society from a level of a tribe up to the era of great galactic empires. The Universim is based on the typical elements found in grand strategy games. Our duties include leading the society through the next stages of technological growth up to a level that allows us to colonize entire star systems. The game begins on a small planet with a group of tribesmen. From that moment, we shape our society through city building, resource gathering, creating a healthy economy, and conducting research on new technologies. The whole process is quite relaxed and player-friendly, introducing a number of alternative ways of attaining our goal. The gameplay is also enriched by random events that force the player to respond in time and modify his development strategy.

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Strategy 2021

A strategy game with RPG elements in which players take control of a dwarf colony and carry out orders for a variety of products; this requires continuous sourcing of raw materials, expansion of the base and staff development. In Hammerting you can play alone or in multiplayer mode.

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LEGO Star Wars Battles

Strategy March 2021

Tower defense strategy game, based on two popular brands – LEGO and Star Wars universe. The production offers a relatively simple gameplay model and the possibility of using a number of characters and locations known from the silver screen. The title was created in collaboration between Lucasfilm and Warner Bros. Interactive.

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Strategy 31 December 2020

A grotesque strategy game from the developers responsible for such curious projects as Square Brawl and Clustertruck. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator allows the players to control an army of colored humanoids. We spend our money on infantry, archers, pikemen, or siege machines, such as ballistae and catapults. Each battle begins with a planning phase where we can set the formation and tactics employed by our forces, and then watch the results of these decisions in a three-dimensional environment. The physics engine implemented in the game is one of its highlights – the troops’ animations and ragdoll effects, as well as projectile trajectories and impacts are calculated on the fly, creating spectacular, or more often, funny situations. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is characterized by its sterile visuals – angular character models and objects are coated with uniform, very simple textures, which emphasizes the absurdity of the game.

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The Guild 3

Strategy 2021

A third part in the Medieval-themed economic strategy game series with RPG elements, whose first installment was created in 2002 by JoWooD Entertainment. This time, developed by Nordic Games, The Guild 3 combines the key features of its predecessors with modern visuals as well as numerous novelties and improvements in the game mechanics. Once again we visit a medieval world, filled with wars, conflicts, and political schemes to slowly rise to the top. The iconic feature of the gameplay is the freedom in choosing our path to success. Depending on player’s preferences, we can pursue our goal as an aristocrat, a merchant, a criminal or virtually anyone else.

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Gray Zone

Strategy April 2021

Tactical RTS with RPG elements and strong storyline, the action of which is set in a distant galaxy. Gray Zone is the debut game of the Slovakian Eastworks studio.


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